UPS5000-A Series (400-800kVA)

  • Wide input voltage range to minimize battery use: 485-305 V for 100% load; 305-138 Vac for 100%-40% load (derating linearly)
Further Information:

PDF UPS5000-A Series (400-800kVA) Datasheet

Product Description

Huawei UPS5000-A (400-800kVA) is an online double conversion UPS which can output pure sine wave with rated voltage of 380/400/415 Vac. UPS5000-A has a high efficiency of up to 96% and high power density of up to 300kVA per cabinet; all-digital control allows precise output at any input and load condition. It’s suitable to ensure continuous power supply to critical loads in large datacenters.

High Reliability
  • Wide input voltage range to minimize battery use: 485-305 V for 100% load; 305-138 Vac for 100%-40% load (derating linearly)
Low Power Consumption
  • High efficiency of up to 96%, reducing power consumption effectively
  • High Availability
  • High power density of up to 300kVA per rack, 50% footprint saving compared with traditional UPS
  • Better load adaptability: high output power factor up to 1 and no derating for capacitive or inductive devices with a PF>0.5
  • Flexible battery configuration: 30-40 batteries per string allow customers to get the faulty battery out instead of replacing it.

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