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  • Rittal : Smart package (Data center in the box)
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Product Description

Intelligent - resilient-secure
Companies these days have at least a server- based computer system, regardless of tower-base or rack-base system to collect, manipulate and store information pertaining to their businesses. The server system is not valued by only the cost of its hardware but by the value of information that it handles. The information must be secured to prevent the loss that will impact to the business performance.

Rittal is launching the Rittal SMART package™ to help
Customers manage their server system. As we are aware physically IT hardware will be affected when they are exposed to environmental factors such as dust, heat and humidity. Security is also another concern which every company are paying more attention as well. The Rittal SMART package™ is designed to help customers reduce the complexity when designing their IT system while increasing the level of protection from these factors plus lower total cost of ownership with this system.

WHY Rittal SMART package is suitable for small to mid-sized business operation?

- A complete single package that consist of a high quality Rittal TS-IT™ rack(s), will prevent dust and humidity from the environment and bundled with a high efficiency cooling system will eliminate heat from the computer system itself. This will extend the life of the high valued server and storage equipment. International standard power distribution unit is also included to ensure clean power is supplied to the IT equipment.

- With monitoring system that included, a customer can ensure that physical parameters (temperature and access control) will be monitored and alarm triggering when set points are met.

- Access Control is also provided as option to prevent un-authorized person to physically access to the system.

News & Events

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    On November 17, 2021, Mr. Tawatchai Tongthongsap Executive representative of Kanoksin has presented scholarships for undergraduate students of the Faculty of Painting, Sculpture and Graphic Arts. Silpakorn University Continuously for the 19th year to support of young artists and creative artists who have potential in the artist industry, totaling 185,000 baht.

    Year 2021

  • Merit making activity for 45th anniversary of the company

    Executives and employees join the 45th anniversary of the company on February 9, 2021 at Kanoksin Building. For the prosperity of the company ready to success and step into the 46th year



    Year 2021

  • Chinese New Year Celebrations 2021

    Organize activities to celebrate Chinese New Year For executives and employees on February 11, 2021 for the prosperity of the festival.

    Year 2021

  • Happy Songkran Festival 2021

    Kanoksin Export Import Company Limited join the activity "Happy Songkran Festival in Kanoksin of the Year 2021" on April 9, Sprinkling scented water on the Buddha and Let's pour scented water over the elders' hands. To preserve the good Thai traditions.

    Year 2021

  • ISO 9001:2015 Employees Training

    Year 2020

  • Update New Social Communication !!!

    Kanoksin Export Import have new social connection with Line @ Official account and new facebook page.  

    Line Official : @Kanoksin 

    Facebook Page : Kanoksin Export Import 


    Year 2020

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