Embedded DC Power System

  • Embedded DC Power provides stable -48V DC power for wireless and fixed access networks, transmission networks and enterprise network equipment.
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PDF Embedded DC Power System Datasheet


Embedded DC Power provides stable -48V DC power for wireless and fixed access networks, transmission networks and enterprise network equipment. It consists of a power distribution unit, rectifiers, and a controller, etc., and can be deployed independently or embedded into other power cabinets.

The capacity of Huawei’s High-Efficiency Embedded Power ranges from 30A to 400A. Every functional unit is designed to a standard size. The systems, whose height ranges from 1U to 9U with standard 19-inch rack or cabinet installation, have a modular design to facilitate installation and expansion. The system encompasses a wide range of AC input voltage, with accurate battery management and remote management functions

Simple: Compact design provides easy installation into a standard rack or cabinet; Complete system management with LCD visualization monitoring; Multiple interfaces such as AI, DI, RS485/232, and FE; Remote, centralized management; Multiple energy source input, multi-mode output; easy to deploy.

Efficient: Rectifier with high efficiency (up to 98%) can save 1 kWh/day in a normally 2 kWh/day site, high power density up to 12 kW/U, 200A system only 3U to 5U high, solar supply unit can be fixed plugged to decrease the electricity consumption and reduce carbon emissions.

Reliable: Compatible with various bad grid situations, system failure rate lower than industry average level, saves maintenance costs, eLabel function enables easy asset management and problem tracking.

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