After Sales Service

After Sale Service

With over 40 years of Kanoksin Export Import Co.,Ltd. has stood apart from the selection of quality products, including the development of technology continued throughout. And what our priorities are concurrently. "The after-sales service" as repair and maintenance. And make recommendations to help solve problems for customers. With a team of professional engineers And service quality Nationwide coverage

"After sales service" is the key to our ability to meet customer demand. Fully both the Data Center Service, Printer Service, System Solution Service, including consulting services, installation services, maintenance services, and a 24-hour fast.

Preventive maintenance (PM) Service
We have maintained and serviced by a team of engineers for the purpose of preventive maintenance. So that the equipment is in regular already use. By the cleaning system checking and testing systems to prevent a faulty or damaged during use. We will work as planned before go to the customer. So customers can be confident in the products and services that can be run continuously.

Corrective maintenance (CM) Service
We have maintained and serviced by a team of engineers for the purpose of maintenance fixes. So the equipment back to normal as quickly as possible available. We have experience with the repair. Quality Repair Including tools and spare parts available. We have a full service Onsite service 24 hours, so customers can be assured that the repair service as quickly as possible.

News & Events

  • Kanoksin presented scholarships to Silpakorn University for the year 2021

    On November 17, 2021, Mr. Tawatchai Tongthongsap Executive representative of Kanoksin has presented scholarships for undergraduate students of the Faculty of Painting, Sculpture and Graphic Arts. Silpakorn University Continuously for the 19th year to support of young artists and creative artists who have potential in the artist industry, totaling 185,000 baht.

    Year 2021

  • Merit making activity for 45th anniversary of the company

    Executives and employees join the 45th anniversary of the company on February 9, 2021 at Kanoksin Building. For the prosperity of the company ready to success and step into the 46th year



    Year 2021

  • Chinese New Year Celebrations 2021

    Organize activities to celebrate Chinese New Year For executives and employees on February 11, 2021 for the prosperity of the festival.

    Year 2021

  • Happy Songkran Festival 2021

    Kanoksin Export Import Company Limited join the activity "Happy Songkran Festival in Kanoksin of the Year 2021" on April 9, Sprinkling scented water on the Buddha and Let's pour scented water over the elders' hands. To preserve the good Thai traditions.

    Year 2021

  • ISO 9001:2015 Employees Training

    Year 2020

  • Update New Social Communication !!!

    Kanoksin Export Import have new social connection with Line @ Official account and new facebook page.  

    Line Official : @Kanoksin 

    Facebook Page : Kanoksin Export Import 


    Year 2020

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