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From the beginning of 2519 birds left Kanoksin Import Export Co., Ltd. was founded to conduct business. About Technology starting out as a dealer and provide after-sales service fully integrated with leading products from abroad. The group specializes in the production of the product and backup devices, primarily and because today's rapidly changing technology, the result of doing business in today's world is even more challenging with a strong foundation and personnel with expertise company's current product offerings and offers a wider variety of products and solutions, whether it's about the datacenter provides design, installation and maintenance of integrated information systems (System. Integrator) as well as software development and solutions based on customer needs.

Although we are starting from a small group of printer products. And backup but with determination dance and philosophy that the customer is key. We are committed to customer care with care. To sustainable growth together.

News & Events

  • Fire Safety Training 2020 for Kanoksin Stuff

    Year 2020

  • ISO 9001:2015 Employees Training

    Year 2020

  • Update New Social Communication !!!

    Kanoksin Export Import have new social connection with Line @ Official account and new facebook page.  

    Line Official : @Kanoksin 

    Facebook Page : Kanoksin Export Import 


    Year 2020

  • COVID-19 donation to Nong Chok District

    Kanoksin Export Import is appealing for donations to help provide critical supplies with Ning Chock District.

    Year 2020

  • 2020 delivered for alcohol donated

    On June 26th 2020, a representative of Kanoksin Export Import Company Limited delivered alcohol to Nong Chok Temple School (Phakdi Noraset) at Nong Chok District, Bangkok 

    Year 2020

  • 44th anniversary of Kanoksin Export Import Co.,Ltd

    On February 7th 2020, Making-merit ceremony on the occasion of 44th anniversary of Kanoksin Export Import Co.,Ltd​

    Year 2020

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Kanoksin is one of Thailand leading in IT peripherals and software defined storage

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