• Aisle containment for medium density
  • Simple, fast and inexpensive
  • High-efficiency climate control concepts from kanoksin
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Product Description

Instead of flooding the room with cold air, Aisle containment routes the cold air directly to the equipment via the cold aisle. Cold air is directed across the whole height of the enclosure ensuring that there are no hotspots and the hot air is exhausted out of the system. Due to the cold aisle being contained there is no chance of the hot exhaust air mixing with the cold inlet air, therefore there is an increase in system efficiency. The outstanding energy efficiency of the Kanoksin cold aisle concept has a simple and plausible explanation:

  • Intake air (cold) and waste air (hot) are unable to mix.
  • The system can be operated with a much higher temperature level.
  • As a result of the increased temperature difference between intake air and waste air, climate control units are operated at an optimum thermal difference.

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    On February 7th 2020, Making-merit ceremony on the occasion of 44th anniversary of Kanoksin Export Import Co.,Ltd​

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