Top Q Image Toner and Ribbon Cartridge Products

Top Q Image Remanufactured Toner Cartridge

We can provide and serve you the both Compatible Cartridge and Remanufactured Toner Cartridges under the Top Q Image Brand.

Our remanufactured cartridges, Top Q Image Brand, are the types of the cartridges that we sell. It is a cartridge that it was changed as below:

  • All components in the cartridge was inspected, separated and cleaned
  • New drum will be installed
  • New wiper blade will be installed
  • New magnetic roller will be installed
  • Toner container filled with new toner like the original specifications
  • Toner container sealed with pull-out strip to prevent the toner leakage
  • Cartridge reassembled and tested on proper printer
  • These cartridges are in effect rebuilt to give you, our customers, the same quality and reliable in the quality. You are accustomed to for your valuable printers. No skimping or half-done.

Top Q Image Compatible Cartridge

Compatible Cartridge (Toner Cartridge and Ribbon Cartridge)

Our compatible cartridges, Top Q Image Brand, mean the cartridges that work with the specified printer even though they are not made by the original brand. In most cases this situation exists when the manufacturer of the original equipment does not have a patent on the design of the supplies or that patent expired. As with generic prescriptions, this allows manufacturers of generic supplies to make brand new compatible cartridges. Examples of these are many ribbons for dot matrix printers, many Epson cartridges as well as many HP toner cartridges, as a guide, here are the list of products that we can serve and you can expect compatible or generic supplies to be available: printer ribbons, toner cartridge for laser printer such as HP, Lexmark, Canon, Brother, etc., original toner cartridges can be remanufactured.

Our Commitment

We believe you have a right to use and to know whatever you choose for your printers. That's why we present you both remanufactured and compatible cartridges. We can explain you exactly what you are purchasing and that's why we clearly label and mark all compatible and remanufactured products under the Top Q Image Brand. Unfortunately there are some companies that will let you believe you are purchasing original cartridges when in actuality they sell you remanufactured or recycled products. If the price seems too good to be true for an original product, it is probably not an original product. If it does not come in the manufacturer's original packaging, it is not the original type in this case call us and we can proof the truth at your site.

News & Events

  • Kanoksin award to staff in 2016

    Khun Sumit Poonyakanok Managing Director of Kanoksin Export Import Co. Ltd. awarded to the employees who worked with the company for a period of five years, 10 years, 15 years, 20 years and 25 years of the welfare of the company given to employees annually. By the year2016. Total price is given to a staff of 29 people, totaling 570,000 baht in December. 2016

    Year 2016

  • Kanoksin‘s Scholarships

    Kanoksin Export Import Co, Ltd. by KhunTawatchai Tongtrongsap . Director of Chanel Management , company representatives awarding scholarships year 2016 to students of academic Faculty of painting, sculpture and graphic arts, Silpakorn University 11 grants totaling 149,000 baht, which offers scholarships for 14 consecutive years to promote and support youth education in Thailand ,November 2016

    Year 2016

  • Kanoksin give a royal charity His Majesty the King

    Khun Sumit Poonyakanok Mananging Director, management team and staff of Kanoksin Export Import Co, Ltd. attended the ceremony to give a royal charity, His Majesty the King . The ceremony also shared spiritual growth, prayer and meditation for nine minutes, December 2016

    Year 2016

  • Kanoksin & Huawei set up seminar : Grow Your Business with Huawei Energy Powering Solutions.

    Kanoksin Export Improt Co ;Ltd and Huawei Technologies (Thailand) Co., Ltd. join seminar: Grow Your Business with Huawei Energy Powering Solutions since April 2014 to offer solutions about. power management in the data center., Developing intelligent solutions designed for combat to build new data centers.


    The event has been received and attended by IT administrators, more than 120 people and was honored by Dr. William Prince cloud fabricated products. Infor Chairman, American Medical Systems Ltd., which specializes in networking and data center. Attended lectures on the topic Intelligence Solution for Next Data Center Insight Laying the datacenter infrastructures in the digital age. And modifications to the IT systems to suit the current business.

    Year 2014

  • Huawei appointed Kanoksin as distributor ”Huawei UPS Solutions“

    Kanoksin Export Import Co. Ltd has been appointed as distributor of Huawei UPS Solutions in Thailand. Mr. Ye Xiaodong, VP of Enterprise Network Energy Product, Huawei was awarded the Award Distributor Certificate for Khun Sumit Poonyakanok Managing Director of Kanoksin Export Import Co, Ltd. in April 2014

    Year 2014

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