After Sales Service

After Sale Service

With over 40 years of Kanoksin Export Import Co.,Ltd. has stood apart from the selection of quality products, including the development of technology continued throughout. And what our priorities are concurrently. "The after-sales service" as repair and maintenance. And make recommendations to help solve problems for customers. With a team of professional engineers And service quality Nationwide coverage

"After sales service" is the key to our ability to meet customer demand. Fully both the Data Center Service, Printer Service, System Solution Service, including consulting services, installation services, maintenance services, and a 24-hour fast.

Preventive maintenance (PM) Service
We have maintained and serviced by a team of engineers for the purpose of preventive maintenance. So that the equipment is in regular already use. By the cleaning system checking and testing systems to prevent a faulty or damaged during use. We will work as planned before go to the customer. So customers can be confident in the products and services that can be run continuously.

Corrective maintenance (CM) Service
We have maintained and serviced by a team of engineers for the purpose of maintenance fixes. So the equipment back to normal as quickly as possible available. We have experience with the repair. Quality Repair Including tools and spare parts available. We have a full service Onsite service 24 hours, so customers can be assured that the repair service as quickly as possible.

News & Events

  • Kanoksin & Huawei set up seminar : Grow Your Business with Huawei Energy Powering Solutions.

    Kanoksin Export Improt Co ;Ltd and Huawei Technologies (Thailand) Co., Ltd. join seminar: Grow Your Business with Huawei Energy Powering Solutions since April 2014 to offer solutions about. power management in the data center., Developing intelligent solutions designed for combat to build new data centers.


    The event has been received and attended by IT administrators, more than 120 people and was honored by Dr. William Prince cloud fabricated products. Infor Chairman, American Medical Systems Ltd., which specializes in networking and data center. Attended lectures on the topic Intelligence Solution for Next Data Center Insight Laying the datacenter infrastructures in the digital age. And modifications to the IT systems to suit the current business.

    Year 2014

  • Huawei appointed Kanoksin as distributor ”Huawei UPS Solutions“

    Kanoksin Export Import Co. Ltd has been appointed as distributor of Huawei UPS Solutions in Thailand. Mr. Ye Xiaodong, VP of Enterprise Network Energy Product, Huawei was awarded the Award Distributor Certificate for Khun Sumit Poonyakanok Managing Director of Kanoksin Export Import Co, Ltd. in April 2014

    Year 2014

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