Screen Treupress Jet 520 Series

An truly innovative full-colour variable-data inkjet printing system. The Truepress Jet520 is a continuous feed, single-pass, inkjet printer developed to support the growing demand for quality, high speed variable data printing.

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Product Description

High-speed inkjet (continuous feed) Truepress Jet520
An truly innovative full-colour variable-data inkjet printing system. The Truepress Jet520 is a continuous feed, single-pass, inkjet printer developed to support the growing demand for quality, high speed variable data printing.

The use of Epson’s latest multi-tone Piezo DOD (Drop-On-Demand) inkjet heads and water-based pigment inks results in a high level of quality and reliability on various paper stocks.

The roll-fed paper feeding system gives users the flexibility to handle high-speed and high volume print runs. At up to 1680 colour pages or 128 meters a minute and 507 mm print width the Truepress Jet520 has been designed to give a productivity level that is suitable for short- to medium-run book production as well as high volume transactional and direct mail - at a quality level that comes close to traditional offset printing.

The Truepress Jet520’s Quality
The Truepress Jet520 combines latest inkjet technology with SCREEN’s high-quality color management technology. It provides reliable, high-speed printing while maintaining superior quality. It also features the reputable Piezo Drop on Demand (DOD) inkjet heads manufactured by Seiko Epson.

The Truepress Jet520’s Productivity
Information must be up-to-date, as well as reliable. The Truepress Jet520 is the perfect solution for the full-color variable printing field, which is so dependent on fast turnaround. With its 128 metres-per-minute speeds and its ability to print onto a wide range of types of paper, the Truepress Jet520 offers the flexibility and productivity demanded by today’s variable printing market. It can print upto 1680 pages per minute (ppm) for A4-size print jobs.

The Truepress Jet 520’s Easy Operation
The Truepress Jet520 features a touch panel that makes operation simple. Even operators with little printing knowledge or experience can be trained quickly. Potentially troublesome color matching and head cleaning operations are automated. Maintenance is easy and doesn’t require extensive downtime.

The Truepress Jet520’s Flexibility
A variety of system setups are available to suit your print outputs and job conditions, thanks to its flexible modular design. The Truepress Jet520 also features a flexible layout that allows it to fit almost any space while accommodating your specific needs in terms of job content and printing volume.

The Truepress Jet520’s Workflow
The Truepress Jet520 features Screen powerful workflow solution called Equios. The Truepress Jet520 can function both as a high-quality, high-volume variable data printing system and as a high-speed on-demand printing system, ensuring the optimal workflow for your particular job types and printing volume.

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    Khun Sumit Poonyakanok Managing Director of Kanoksin Export Import Co. Ltd. awarded to the employees who worked with the company for a period of five years, 10 years, 15 years, 20 years and 25 years of the welfare of the company given to employees annually. By the year2016. Total price is given to a staff of 29 people, totaling 570,000 baht in December. 2016

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  • Kanoksin‘s Scholarships

    Kanoksin Export Import Co, Ltd. by KhunTawatchai Tongtrongsap . Director of Chanel Management , company representatives awarding scholarships year 2016 to students of academic Faculty of painting, sculpture and graphic arts, Silpakorn University 11 grants totaling 149,000 baht, which offers scholarships for 14 consecutive years to promote and support youth education in Thailand ,November 2016

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    Khun Sumit Poonyakanok Mananging Director, management team and staff of Kanoksin Export Import Co, Ltd. attended the ceremony to give a royal charity, His Majesty the King . The ceremony also shared spiritual growth, prayer and meditation for nine minutes, December 2016

    Year 2016

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    The event has been received and attended by IT administrators, more than 120 people and was honored by Dr. William Prince cloud fabricated products. Infor Chairman, American Medical Systems Ltd., which specializes in networking and data center. Attended lectures on the topic Intelligence Solution for Next Data Center Insight Laying the datacenter infrastructures in the digital age. And modifications to the IT systems to suit the current business.

    Year 2014

  • Huawei appointed Kanoksin as distributor ”Huawei UPS Solutions“

    Kanoksin Export Import Co. Ltd has been appointed as distributor of Huawei UPS Solutions in Thailand. Mr. Ye Xiaodong, VP of Enterprise Network Energy Product, Huawei was awarded the Award Distributor Certificate for Khun Sumit Poonyakanok Managing Director of Kanoksin Export Import Co, Ltd. in April 2014

    Year 2014

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