Tally, Tally/Dascom - 1330 flatbed

  • 450cps High Speed Draft
  • 24pin
  • 106 Column
  • 1+7 Copies
  • Parallel & USB Interface
  • Flatbed Printer
Further Information:

Download Tally/Dascom - 1330 in PDF

Product Description

Tally Dascom‘s 1330 flatbed serial dot matrix printer, is a 24-pin, 82-column printer with USB interface as standard. The 1330 is ideal for front office applications in retail outlets, travel agents, train stations, banks and doctor’s surgeries where space is limited.

The 1330 is equipped with a linear encoder sensor to position the print head with high accuracy and intellectually detect and correct any misplaced carriage, which ensures good printing quality and significantly reduces the chances of errors in printing.

With high quality output, an easy to use control panel and the option to use pre-cut or tractor fed paper, the 1330 is ideal for counter-top printing applications such as cheques, tickets, receipts, forms and multi-part documents.

Using the long life ribbon option, the 1330 requires fewer ribbon changes, less downtime and lower running costs. With print speeds of up to 450 characters per second (cps) and flexible media handling, it keeps transactions smooth and the user happy.

The 1330 is a reliable and easy to use printer, with low running costs and a small footprint.

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